We’ve built our toolkit by focusing on what local entrepreneurs & small business owners actually want and need. Now you can use our turnkey economic development solutions in your community too.

Economic development focused on local business & entrepreneurs

1000 Four is a simple, yet powerful concept that challenges how communities typically pursue economic development. Since our goal is to assist the small businesses and entrepreneurs that already exist in your community. And help even more get started at the same time. In contrast, most efforts to grow business communities are dominated by big-ticket, incentive laden recruiting strategies.

Indeed, this mindset was best summed up at a meeting we attended when someone said: “if we could just recruit four 1000-employee companies our region would be set.

And perhaps at one point, we were guilty of a ‘home run’ mindset in some ways too. But as a result of this experience, we’re convinced there is actually a better way to lift up a community than fish for four huge companies to grow the local economy. 

Focus on small victories that move a business and a community forward rather than chase ‘big wins’. Focus on hitting singles versus swinging for the fences.

Hatch’s Founder, Zack Miller at TEDx: economic development hitting singles, not home runs

The 1000 Four Method for economic development

The answer is to build those ~4000 jobs from the ground up by hitting a lot of singles and a few home runs. This means helping people in your community start more small businesses. And then actually help them grow to 4 employees and beyond.

The best will emerge based on merit, not speculation. This approach is more more impactful, more equitable and more resilient plan for most communities.

With this in mind, we have developed the 1000 Four Method over the past several years …

• Stop picking winners and losers out of thousands of companies. Instead, invest in all of them in order to reduce the risk.

• Bring as many people, groups, and organizations together as often as possible. All things considered, density plus serendipity equals success. In either case, set the stage for important conversations to happen.

Zack at TEDx: 1000 4-employee businesses vs. 4 1000-employee businesses

• Entrepreneurship is different now. After all, people are finding and putting together new ways of making money for themselves. And communities must be innovative in their support.

• Embrace failure. Most business owners and entrepreneurs will fail several times before they succeed. It’s particularly important for communities to encourage them to get back up and give them opportunity to keep going in these situations.

Benefits of 1000 Four Method for economic development

Our economic development programs have helped local entrepreneurs create new businesses that leverage their own strengths and experience as well as complement existing industries. These emerging businesses can be the growth engine for jobs in your local economy.

Additionally, we’ve seen existing companies find new paths to growth.

It’s noteworthy that economic development focused on new and existing local ventures produces stronger ties to a community. Which means they are less likely to leave the community in the future. And they’re more likely to give back to the community when they ‘make it.’

Now we’re sharing our tools, best practices and lessons learned with other communities too.

1000 Four has proven impact.

You can make a difference in your community too!

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Use the same tools and programs that have helped thousands of businesses & entrepreneurs

I was able to get honest criticism and feedback by being surrounding by entrepreneurs and business owners who can understand the struggles I was going through. I would never have been able to reach my goal without 1000 Four.

Nate Tschohl

Founder, swimnerd

If you’re wondering why you should join, I can give you the answer, it is about the network

Tracy Link

Founder, Integrity Security

After just one year with 1000 Four, our revenue has increased by 315% quarter over quarter. We’re hoping it’ll increase to 400% for the final quarter of this year.

Erik Olson

CEO, Array Digital

My connection to 1000 Four quickly resulted in a speaking engagement, a newspaper article, and a TV segment. Not only have measurable things like sales and web traffic increased, but my determination and confidence have grown as well.

Jeanne Fiocca

Founder, Cookie Text

Being able to communicate with the community about specific points to my business has been essential in its growth. We are now seeing 400% growth month to month because of it. Essential!

Stephen Reinstein

Founder, Market Muscles

I knew how to detail a car. But when it came to running the business side, I was operating blindly. 1000 Four gave me the tools I needed to run my business confidently.

Kenya Williams

Founder, iShine For You Auto Detailing

1000 Four helped be broaden my customer base and gave me some great exposure and good leads. My business has really taken off since joining.

Jeremy Johnson

Founder, John Rich Media

I love being able to give back to people who are where I started and share my experiences to help them find new ways to grow and expand their business.

Deany Dormer

Founder, Executive Events

I was able to use 1000 Four to teach my team how to maintain a business so i could grow it and not be working in the day-to-day operations, but rather on its growth.

Xerxes Nabong

Founder, Escape Room Virginia

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The Best Cities for Entrepreneurs: Because of people like Zack Miller, Norfolk came out of nowhere.

If we can grow 1000 companies with at least 4 employees … that would be phenomenally impactful to the economy.

Aneesh Chopra

Former CTO, The United States

It’s more realistic that startups, not buying other big firms, will create the jobs of the future.

Ross Baird

Cofounder, Village Capital

Hampton Roads already has three accelerators … the region needed [1000 Four].

We want to work with you and your community too!

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