Hampton Roads Business Weekly Episode 10 Show Notes

757 Angels

“We need to invest in companies that derive a majority of their revenues from outside Hampton Roads, meaning they bring in revenues and grow our economy.” – Paul Hirschbiel of 757 Angels

757 Angels is made up of accredited investors with experience in investing and/or running a business. The goal of the 757 Angels is to find funding for startups with growth potential and at the same time grow the economy of Hampton Roads. All of the businesses that receive funding through 757 Angels are in the startup phase, but the businesses come from a variety of different sectors.

The 757 Angels has 3 cycles per year. Companies interested should fill out the application on their website.

Entrepreneurial Terrors with Dr. Stone

“What people have to realize when they go into business is they will be involved in collections.” – Dr. Stone


Dr. Stone says the collections are something that a company needs to think about up front. Companies can avoid getting involved with collections by ideally structuring their payment plans (requiring an up front payment for example).

Entrepreneur of the Week: Carter Kostler of Define Bottle

Carter Kostler, 17, started Define Bottle at the wee age of 13. Define Bottle is a plastic fruit infusion bottle. Carter and Define Bottle made an appearance on Shark Tank and through that his sales took off.

Currently, Carter’s product is being sold by Target.

The One Thing with Kathy Howell, Owner of Howell Creative Group

“We’re all supposed to delegate, but I delegated everything I loved away” – Kathy Howell

Kathy’s tip for growing a business is to tell everyone you know about your job, do good work, and reap the benefits of referrals and long term clients.

Kathy advises companies looking for branding advice to focus on the one thing they do better than their competitors.

Kathy’s “one thing” she did that lead to her success was to realize the she is a perfectionist creative person who needed to focus on creative work and not delegate away the things she loved to do, but rather delegate the things she doesn’t.

Naoma Doriguzzi Social Media Tips

Use Google Keyword Planner to boost your business or blog’s online presence.