Hampton Roads Business Weekly Episode 11 Show Notes

Maggie Tsouris & Kisha Frazier

Maggie, owner of Voila International Cuisine, and Kisha, owner of Hummingbird Macarons & Desserts, spoke about the collapse of their building in the Freemason area of downtown Norfolk. After speaking on the collapse, the ladies spoke on the generosity of the people of the city of Norfolk in the wake of the incident. The structural problems from the collapse are still present.

Stephanie Sanker of Nusbaum Realty

“Companies are looking at newer, more modern, hipper spaces so that they can attract the young talent” – Stephanie Sanker of Nusbaum Realty

Zack talks with Stephanie Sanker about how businesses can go about finding new office space. Stephanie says start with forming a relationship with a broker. After determining what your budget is, figure out what your location should be. Location is very important and can possibly hinder your employee talent pool if you are in the wrong location.

Stephanie says you should do your due diligence as to your landlord. Ask around about them. Lastly, make sure you know what your lease includes (utilities, etc.).

Entrepreneur of the Week: Kevin O’Connor of O’Connor Brewing

“If you are truly passionate about what you do, even if it’s a small little market, stick with it I believe the money will always show up.” – Kevin O’Connor of O’Connor Brewing

Kevin taught him self how to brew beer and started home brewing in 1995. Kevin and O’Conner Brewing emphasize the importance of investing in the community.

What is Kevin’s one piece of advice to entrepreneurs? Don’t give up! Failure should never be an option, but know that you will always run through hurdles. If you are truly passionate about what you do, even if it’s a small little market, stick with it – I believe the money will always show up.  Keep moving forward, worries will be behind you eventually. I still have worries to this day, but now my worries are how are we going to grow.

Chris Shelton: Co-Owner of Cure Coffeehouse and Brasserie

Chris, after experiencing the building collapse where his business is located,  spoke about the importance of having insurance coverage. Chris said that in hindsight he would find an insurance agent that knows his business well. He recommends making sure that you keep good records of your inventories, it helps speed up the claim process.

Naoma Doriguzzi Social Media Tips

Save time on your social media with Buffer.com, an extension for your browser and an app, to help you schedule posts. SocialBro is another app that helps you with your social media strategy via analytics. Lastly, don’t forget to ask your followers questions.