Hampton Roads Business Weekly Episode 12 Show Notes

Bill Brunelle of Independent We Stand

Bill, founder of Independent We Stand, is pushing the nation wide movement for people to buy from local small businesses. The app connects a community directly to their local small businesses. Bill talks about the impact that buying, eating, and banking local can have.

Customer Service 101 - Regent University, Kathleen Patterson, PH.D.

Zack talks with Kathleen about how and why businesses need great customer service, how to get congruence within a team on customer service, and how to communicate your values to your customers

Entrepreneur of the Week: Alison Dodson Anderson

The entrepreneur of the week is Alison Dodson Anderson of A. Dodson’s. Following in her grandfather’s footsteps, Alison has opened several small retail shops across Hampton Roads. She lives, breathes, eats, and sleeps her business, and despite stiff competition she is thriving. Alison shares her story, growth plans, and next steps in this week’s episode.

Networking BNI Southeastern VA, Lisa Renz, Ph.D.

Lisa Renz shares from her wealth of business knowledge about networking. Her tips and tricks for networking include how to prepare for events, what events to go to, and how to approach conversations with new people. She also covers some of the biggest mistakes people make and how to correct it.

Naoma Doriguzzi Tech Tips

Using public wifi can be extremely convenient for a businessperson on the move, but it comes with risks that you might not know about. Naoma teaches us how to avoid the risks while still taking advantage of the free wifi.