Hampton Roads Business Weekly Episode 13 Show Notes

Atoosa Cobb, CEO of Jake's Place

Atoosa Cobb shares the story of the great success at Jake’s Place. A top notch business, that has had successful recent expansion. She talks about how important customer referral has been for her business, and how Jake’s Place capitalizes on it. Not only does Jake’s Place do great business, but they are giving back to the community as well, and Atoosa tells us about that effort too.

Customer Service 101 with Kathleen Patterson

Kathleen Patterson of Regent University teaches us some customer service essentials. The number one rule of customer service will probably surprise you. Customer service has more to do with your employees than with your customers. Kathleen teaches us how to empower employees to be the best customer service agents in the market.

Entrepreneurs of the Week: Claus Ihlemann and Robert Roman

These co-owners of Decorum Furniture in Norfolk have an incredible story. Decorum started almost by accident while temporarily in the U.S. during a recession in the 1970’s. Since then Claus and Robert have focused on serving the community and their customers. They’ve built a great business, and have helped build a incredible community.

Ed Powers of Inside Business

Ed Powers gives us the inside scoop on Inside Business, the “multi-faceted multimedia company”. Inside Business is the go-to information hub for ‘who’s hot’ in the business community. Whether its in their weekly publication, online, or at one of their events, Inside Business is doing big things in the business community.

Naoma Doriguzzi Tech Tips

Presenting with a projector is the way of the past. The new kid in town is Chromecast. Naoma shares with us how it works, how to use it, and why you should stop wresting with projector wires.