Hampton Roads Business Weekly Episode 14 Show Notes

Shawnda Brandon of Cheer Factory

Shawnda Brandon of Cheer Factory turned her passion into a business. After being a cheerleader and a cheer mom, she realized there was a need for retail cheer products. Growing from retail to manufacturer, her business is hot and booming. She’s done great on her own, and had help along the way as well. Watch the piece to find out the full story.

Customer Service 101 with Kathleen Patterson of Regent University

Kathleen and Zack discuss customer service and millennials in this weeks Customer Service 101. Millennials are becoming the largest segment of the labor force and companies need to be prepared. Managing and embracing millennials and their mindset can be a tough for many business leaders. See that there’s nothing to be scared of as Zack and Kathleen break down the ins and outs of the millennial workforce.

Entrepreneur of the Week: Blake White of Endurance IT

After his employer shut down their Hampton Roads operations, Blake took the leap with his business partner. They invested their savings and opened Endurance IT Solutions. Blake talks about how he leveraged a pool of mentors to achieve his goals and the relationships he needed to be successful. Don’t miss his tips on recruiting top talent, and growing a business through recruitment.

Councilwoman Dr. Amelia Ross-Hammond

Councilwoman Dr. Amelia Ross-Hammond provides us with a look into to SWAM, which has an exciting small business forum coming soon. The forum will be on September 30th 8:30am on TCC’s Virginia Beach Campus.

Naoma Doriguzzi Tech Tips

Webinars are great teaching and marketing tools. Noama lets us in on the best software for webinars and webcasts. Check out google hangouts and webinar on air; two of the best webcast softwares out there.