Hampton Roads Business Weekly Episode 15 Show Notes

Joe Witt of Old Point National Bank

Joe Witt gives us a glimpse into the financial challenges of funding a business, particularly in the first year. His tips include starting with a solid business plan, avoiding banks as a first source of funding, and ensuring employee satisfaction. Joe also emphasizes the need to build relationships with banks and mentors from day 1.

Customer Service 101 with Kathleen Patterson Ph.D. of Regent University

Kathleen teaches us the ideas and strategies of some of the best customer service companies in the world. Sacrificing short term gains for long term sustainability can be instrumental. Employee empowerment and customer satisfaction go hand in hand. Check out the rest of her tips from the best companies in the world.

Entrepreneur of the Week: Leslie Crews

When Leslie started living a healthier lifestyle, she realized her business idea. She started Kombuchick, her kombucha business, in the spare room of her townhome. She started by solving her own problem, and then it caught on with her friends and colleagues. She scaled up from there and has found great success. Leslie has a great story and is a great entrepreneur.

Jeremy Domozick and The One Thing

Jeremy breaks down the early decision that every entrepreneur must make: what type of business to start. Whether it’s an LLC, a partnership, or an S-corporation, there’s costs and benefits with each. His one big piece of advice is that it is never too early to visit an attorney for a free consultation.

Ask Naoma: Tech Tips

Naoma Doriguzzi shows us how to make the most out of email signatures. Go beyond plain text signatures with pictures, links, and RSS feeds.