Hampton Roads Business Weekly Episode 16 Show Notes

Joe Witt of Old Point National Bank

Joe Witt breaks down what businesses need to get funding from a bank. Many entrepreneurs must use their own assets and credit score as leverage for a business loan. Joe also talks about the importance of a business’s cash flow. Catch the episode for all the details on getting a business loan.

Customer Service 101 with Kathleen Patterson Ph.D. of Regent University

Kathleen Patterson of Regent University tells us about the importance of starting at the top with the best practices to build a great culture. To get great employee satisfaction and customer service, it has to start at the top of a company. As a business owner that means knowing your employees, holding yourself to the same standards, and recognizing problems. Don’t worry if you aren’t there yet, you can always start “today is a new day”.

Entrepreneur of the Week: Jeff Hartline

Jeff Hartline of Southeastern Physical Therapy moved to Hampton Roads 15 years ago to buy his own practice. He started with a small firm and has grown it to 15 branches across the region. He’s driven by being his own boss, taking care of his employees, and providing the best care to his patients. Catch him and his wife talking about their best practices, and their growth strategies on this weeks episode.

Bryan Stephens with the Hampton Roads Chamber of Commerce

Bryan breaks down the resources that the Chamber provides to aid small businesses in everyday operations and in those tough growing stages. Membership in the Chamber is not actually required, but it provides ample opportunities for everyone. Whether its help in marketing, investing, networking, education, the Chamber is there to help.

Ask Naoma: Tech Tips

This week Naoma takes on twitter. She drops tips for gaining followers, leveraging other social media, and how to engage effectively. If you’re not on twitter, you should be.