Hampton Roads Business Weekly Episode 17 Show Notes

Joe Witt of Old Point National Bank

This week Joe tackles the growth of businesses. Every business grows a little differently, but one thing remains the same: grow in line with your cash flows. Spending faster than you can grow is a recipe for failure. Watch the video and see where Joe recommends going for help to grow your business successfully.

Customer Service 101 with Kathleen Patterson Ph.D. of Regent University

Kathleen teaches us about the value of human-centered organizations. It sounds obvious, but it’s always important to value your employees and customers as human beings. Customer service starts at the top with leaders who provide good service to their employees. It takes great humility and a leader-servant attitude to accomplish this successfully.

The Samla Story

Marissa and Mike Digirolamo lets us in on the story behind this ‘double-couple’ entrepreneurial venture called Samla. From the moment of inspiration to the struggle of stocking the right products, the Samla team has created an amazing store. With totally unisex offerings, Samla plans on doing short runs of custom shirts in addition to their incredible product lineup.

Bryan Stephens with the Hampton Roads Chamber of Commerce

Bryan gives us some tips on resources for starting your business. The Small Business Development Center is a great place to start to find relevant advice. The Chamber also has a protege program that provides mentors to new business owners for up to three years. Bryan says that Hatch, and the Strome entrepreneurial center are great places to seeek advice.

Ask Naoma: Tech Tips

Naoma Doriguzzi shows us some of the best techniques for saving battery power on your laptop: a must know for 0n-the-go entrepreneurs.