Hampton Roads Business Weekly Episode 20 Show Notes


Joe Bucci, Professor at Regent University School of Business and Leadership

This week Joe gives us some tips on how seasonal businesses can find, and keep, good employees.  Any business should have “key” people: talented individuals who can help your business grow and thrive.  Joe also emphasizes the importance of how to train your new employees, and suggest creating an automated training process.  Once you acquire competent employees for your business, another key factor is keeping good talent long term.

Judy Swystun, Creator of App-a-Cab

Judy talks about the idea behind her company, and how she markets her business through technology.  The idea for the app began when her company started updating their software. They realized that their customers may be looking for something more than a regular taxi service.  Through social media marketing, and advertising on the cab themselves, Judy’s business slowly began gaining momentum.  Check out this segment to learn more about App-a-Cab, and some of the strategies Judy used to make her business successful.

Entrepreneur of the Week: Brian Holland of Atlantic Bay Mortgage Group

Mr. Holland actually began his mortgage career at Red Lobster.  A co-worker suggested that he would be a good fit for the mortgage business, despite knowing little about it.  Fast forward twenty years, and his business has become incredibly successful.  Mr. Holland attributes most of his success to the people in his company, who he states as having the right mission and goals.

Teresa Denham, Founder and CEO of Spirit Fingers

The idea for Spirit Fingers came to Teresa as an effort to save money for a college football game.  Instead of buying costly spirit gear from her campus bookstore, she decided to make her own “spirit wear”.  Since then, her business has taken off and have created merchandise that represent many sports teams.  Watch this video to learn more about Spirit Fingers and how it deals with some of the issues that seasonal businesses face.

Ask Naoma: Tech Tips

This week, Naoma talks about how businesses can utilize the site, Pinterest, to engage with potential customers.  This site is easily accessible on both your cell phone and desktop, and has a feature called “Rich Pins” that helps direct people to your businesses’ site.