Hampton Roads Business Weekly Episode 22 Show Notes

Joe Bucci, Professor at Regent University School of Business and Leadership

Joe discusses some of the advantages and disadvantages of owning a seasonal business.  Having your business appear more attractive than your competitor’s is key to standing out during the on-season.  Maintaining a high-level of service is also important when attracting customers.  One of the downfalls of seasonal businesses occurs during the off-season, but Joe suggests trying to extend your season as much as possible to keep people interested.

Sara Baldwin of New Ravenna Mosaics

While studying art in graduate school at the University of Pennsylvania, Sara became interested in mosaics, an art form that she cites as being both functional and practical.  Her outlook paid off as she now owns one of the biggest businesses on the Eastern Shore.

Entrepreneur of the Week: Patrick Duffeler of Williamsburg Winery

Patrick’s parents started the business when they came to America, and eventually was passed down to him.  To pay for his college, he worked at the winery by giving wine tours and tastings, and soon became more involved in the business.  Eventually he became more involved in management and took over the winery from his father.  Watch his segment to hear some of his business tips that have made him a successful entrepreneur.

Dennis Gray of Accurid Pest Solutions

Dennis shares his story of perseverance through difficult times, while simultaneously running his own business.  Despite being homeless at one point, he worked every waking hour in order to make his company successful.  His hard work eventually paid off and he began seeing improvement in his personal and business life.  If you’re ever feeling discouraged about the success of your business, check out his inspiring story.