Hampton Roads Business Weekly Episode 24 Show Notes

Dr. Mary Jo Burchard, Organizational Consultant and Regent University Alum

Mary gives us some tips about how business owners can keep morale up in the workplace.  She gives us three examples of cultivating happiness in the workplace: cultivating gratitude, empathy and kindness, and fostering a sense of welcome.  Check out her segment for more details on how to keep your office culture positive.

Millennial Minute with Mike Doherty and Rene Carling

Mike and Rene talk about how businesses can utilize YouTube to increase their customer base, especially with Millennials.

Entrepreneur of the Week: Angela Reddix or ARDX

Angela’s multi-million dollar consulting firm is based in Norfolk, VA.  It took her nine years to make her company what it is today, and she has done so due to the ability of simply saying “yes”.  Angela talks about the importance of surrounding yourself with people who choose to see the opportunities in life, rather than the challenges.  Learn more about how she managed the rapid growth of her company, and some of the core values she uses in her business.

Daniel Plawski of Peninsula Landscaping

Daniel discusses how his business has evolved and grown since it started twelve years ago.  From mowing lawns when he was 12 years old, to a full-scale landscaping business, his company has changed immensely.  Most recently, Daniel has added a technological aspect to his company called Lawn Wizard.  Watch his segment to learn more about his new innovative way of interacting with his customers.

Renee Ainslie of iFly Virginia Beach

Renee shares how iFly has utilized social media and videos to promote their company and engage with customers.  By creating a Facebook page to showcase their business, they gained around 4,000 interested customers before their doors even opened.  Renee cites videos as one of their most popular features on their social media accounts, as it gives the public an idea of what their company is all about.  Check out this segment to learn more about how to increase your engagement with customers through social media.