Hampton Roads Business Weekly Episode 25 Show Notes

Dr. Mary Jo Burchard, Organizational Consultant and Regent University Alum

This week Mary talks about the importance of embracing failure.  Creating a failure-friendly environment in the workplace is very important, as it allows people to become more comfortable when taking risks.  Many people are too afraid to take big business risks, but Mary suggests talking through these fears in order to understand the benefits.

Millennial Minute with Rene Carling and Mike Doherty

Mike and Rene discuss the importance for businesses to have a website that is easy to navigate.

Bob Brooks of Score Hampton Roads

Bob discusses how his business, which helps grow small businesses in the area, stands out from its competitors.  For one, they are made up solely of volunteers from many different backgrounds.  These volunteers will listen and help customers create a business plan that is uniquely fitted for their personality or business style.  Learn more about this company and how they can help grow your business.

Melissa and Dave Lukeson, Owners of Trinity & Trilogy Tattoo

Melissa and Dave’s tattoo parlor is located in Virginia Beach.  One of the main aspects they focus on is the customer experience, and making sure everyone who comes into their shop feels welcomed.  Whether they have 100 tattoos or none at all, this shop believes in making everyone feel safe and included.  These two also discuss some of the challenges artists face when running their own business, and how they deal them.

Chip Dodd of Support Services of Virginia

Chip discusses the challenges with balancing your personal and work life.  He advises people to distinguish the most important parts of each side and get rid of everything else.  By spreading yourself too thin, you jeopardize the integrity of your work and the relationships you have.  Reducing distracting factors around you can ultimately help you regain focus and better your business.