Hampton Roads Business Weekly Episode 26 Show Notes

Mary Jo Burchard, Organizational Consultant and Regent University Alum

This week Mary talks about the importance of cultivating your employees’ passions as a way to increase company morale.  Check out the Morale 101 segment to learn more tips about keeping your office culture positive.

Millennial Minute with Mike Doherty and Rene Carling

Mike and Rene talk about the importance of engaging with customers through social media.  Making sure customers are aware of which social media outlets you use is also crucial for any business.  Check out their suggestions in this segment.

Glen Moriarty of 7 Cups of Tea

Glen gives us some tips about how to deal with an idea that doesn’t pan out, and what can be gained from failure.  For his business, Glen had to go through some different technological phases to figure what worked best for his company.  Check out his story and learn how you can benefit from failure.

Entrepreneur of the Week: Martin Joseph, President and CEO of 360IT Partners

This week’s entrepreneur started working at a Farm Fresh in order to pay for college, but soon took advantage of an opportunity with a small computer company.  After learning as much as possible from this position, who then started his own business.  In this segment he talks about some of the challenges some entrepreneurs face, and how he keeps up morale within his own company.

Allan Haynsworth of Atlantic Lift Systems

Alan discusses how he became involved with his family business that he eventually took over from father.  Some of the experiences he attributes to his success is the training and advice his father gave him, as well as having the freedom to make mistakes.  Learn more about his steps to success in this segment.