Hampton Roads Business Weekly Episode 27 Show Notes

Mary Jo Burchard, Organizational Consultant and Regent University Alum

This week Mary talks about taking risks in your business and personal life, and how it can actually help in company morale.  Another crucial aspect for being happy in business is the importance of play.  Cultivating an atmosphere of structured play is important for your employees, as it leads them to take more risks.

Zack's Hacks with Zack Miller of Hatch

Ever tried to get someone’s attention via email but it’s just not working? Checkout this week’s Zack’s Hacks.

D'Shawn Wright of Body By D

D’Shawn talks about taking risks in order to achieve his dream, and what he had to sacrifice in order to grow his business.  When faced with the oppurtunity of owning his own gym, D’Shawn had the decision to make between his dream or his home.  Ultimately choosing to pursue his career, he dealt with some difficult times but eventually became successful enough to buy a home, and expand his business.

Jeanne Fiocca of Cookie Text

Jeanne has built a successful company, with a loyal customer base, all from the comfort of her garage.  She discusses the benefits of working close to home, and how she deals with bad reviews.

Maya Holihan of House of Maya

Maya discusses how seizing oppurtunity helped her become the entrepreneur she is today.  She cites “luck and timing” as the two factors that allowed her to own her own business.  Now, she has three different stores with a fantastic team that she attributes most of her success.