Hampton Roads Business Weekly Episode 28 Show Notes

Mary Jo Burchard, Organizational Consultant and Regent University Alum


This week Mary discusses how to boost company morale by taking the time to know your employees.  Whether it’s a group outing, or just sitting down for coffee, taking time outside of work will make them feel welcomed.  Companies should create a culture that allows their employees to incorporate their passions into their work. This passion separates a good prospective employee from a great perspective employee.  Check out the “Morale 101” segment to learn more ways to boost company morale and cultivate passions.


Entrepreneur of the Week: Cheryl Hahn of Cozy Pure

Cheryl Hahn’s organic bedding company is based in Norfolk, VA, right on Granby St.  She has her own warehouse where she produces all of her own products.  Cheryl discusses some of the challenges she faced when moving her business ten different times, and how she grew her company.  Learn more about this “lost art” and how Cheryl deals with balancing her personal and work life.

Erik Olson, Founder of 80/20

Erik discusses some of the experiences in his past that have made his software consultant firm so successful.  He cites the failure of pasts businesses as a great learning oppurtunity that has shaped his business approach.  Now after every project his company completes, they conduct a “lessons learned” session to pinpoint areas for improvement.

Lisa Hamaker of Taste Tidewater Tours

Lisa states that her business stemmed from “creating a solution to a need that wasn’t being met”.  She initially thought that her clientele would consist mostly of tourists, but discovered that locals are her most frequent customers.  Realizing that people in the area enjoy learning what’s in their own backyard, she realized she had to revamp her marketing strategy.  Learn more about this local business and the “one thing” that has made Lisa’s company successful.