Hampton Roads Business Weekly Episode 29 Show Notes

Mary Jo Burchard, Organizational Consultant and Regent University Alum

This week on “Morale 101”, Mary discusses how companies can retain good employees, and how simple it can be.  One of the biggest reasons that keeps a person at their job is the ability to bring their “whole selves”.  This can mean their personality or their passions, and making sure they are able to incorporate these aspects into their work.  Happiness is key to making anyone want to stick around.

Zack Hacks with Zack Miller of Hatch

This week’s Zack Hack is the about the importance of turning off your phone notifications.

Michael Copon of Michael Copon Studios

Michael has been in the entertainment business for a while now.  Starting as an actor, he gained some major roles that put him on the map, but now he has decided to step behind the camera.  His production company does everything from writing to acting, and produces full-length feature films.  One of the great things about his studio being based in Norfolk is that it gives back to the community he grew up in.  Watch this “One Thing” segment and learn about what Michael attributes to his success.

Tim Ryan of Launchpad

Owning a startup company himself, Tim understands the difficulties many startup entrepreneurs go through.  He says that his ability to relate to his customers makes it easier for him to pinpoint a company’s weaknesses so they are able to learn from them.  Another component of his business is its educating and mentoring program.  Learn more about Launchpad and some of the other resources they can provide their clients.

Cheree Owens, CEO of Labs to Go

Like many entrepreneurs, Cheree began her business by identifying an unfilled need.  Her company provides mobile lab equipment that is more convenient than going to a doctor’s office.  She began the business by herself, but once the demand became too overwhelming, she was forced to hire more people.  Learn more about Labs to Go and how their business model and the services they provide make them unique.