Hampton Roads Business Weekly Episode 30 Show Notes

Dusty Williams, Creator of Smoke Detector Man

Dusty’s inspiration for his company began as simply providing a service that many people overlook.  He started by servicing smoke detectors in homes around his neighborhood, but word about his business soon spread.  One of main reasons his company is so in demand is because home owners simply don’t have the tools to check their own smoke detectors.  Dusty cites the main reason behind his motivation is knowing that he could be saving people’s lives.

Kevin Hughes of the City of Suffolk and Maya Holihan of House of Maya

Kevin and Maya discuss the city of Suffolk, and how new business owners may not want to overlook their downtown.  Maya owns several bridal stores, one of which is located in downtown Suffolk.  She admits that it was not the first place that came to mind, but now she believes it is a perfect fit for her shop.  Maya advises any business owner to do research and visit multiple locations in order to keep in an open mind about possible locations.

Tan Plan with Cheryl Tan

Cheryl shares some of her tips on how to get your “story” in the news.

Frank Tommaso, Chief Innovation Officer of Blu Skyy Realty

Having owned multiple businesses, Frank is fairly experienced in the business field.  Since shifting from restaurants to real estate, his “why’s” has changed.  Before he was motivated by money, but now he has a passion to help others succeed.  He will hire people who may be unemployed or be working a dead-end job, and train them to be real estate agents.  Learn more about his company and how he helps others become successful.

Zack Hacks with Zack Miller of Hatch

This week Zack talks about what to do if your business receives a negative review, and how you can turn it into something constructive.

Nate and Josh Pearce of The Briefcase

Nate and Josh Pearce explain how their business allows startups, or small businesses, to gain access to the business attorneys and high quality documents, that may not always be readily available.  Since starting your own business becomes extremely costly, many entrepreneurs don’t have the funds to pay for a good attorney, leaving them under-served and under-protected.  Learn more about what The Briefcase could do for your company.