Hampton Roads Business Weekly Episode 31 Show Notes

Melissa Lukeson of Trinity Tattoo

Melissa discusses how important it was for her business to hire a mentor or an “accountability partner”, as she puts it.  She made the decision to hire a mentor almost a year before her business was actually opened.  Melissa says that this strategy really helped her stay on task and made her business successful.

Xerxes Nabong, Yelp's Community Director


Xerxes talks about how Yelp can help grow any business.  The site is solely review based, so anyone can post a review about an establishment.  Obviously, any positive reviews will help a business create buzz and give them free advertising.  A bad review, however, can have different results.  Depending on the negative review, and the amount of them, they can either cripple or help a business.  The helpful part comes from the ability for a company to learn from their mistakes by personally contacting the person who wrote the review.  By doing this you show that you care about your customers, and also learn useful information.


Zack Hacks with Zack Miller of Hatch


This week’s hack is what to do when someone is tagged in one of your Facebook posts.


Bob Pizzini of iFly Virginia Beach


Indoor skydiving facilities were used as a airborne training facility for the military, a huge part of Bob’s background.  He soon realized that there was nothing like that in Virginia Beach, and thought that it would be a great addition to the oceanfront.  Learn more about Bob and how he transitioned from a military career to an entrepreneurial one.


Tom Spalthoff of Sponsor By

Tom discusses his company, a “local fundraising network that brings local merchants together, to offer electronic gift cards for use by nonprofits as fundraisers”.  He talks about how he utilized some of the resources available for businesses in Hampton Roads, and how they benefited his company.