Hampton Roads Business Weekly Episode 32 Show Notes

Scott McJunkin of The Parari Group

Scott talks about the importance of creating a belief for your company.  Figuring out why your business exists is a key step in understanding your businesses’ brand.  Learn more ways to define your company’s brand and how it can be beneficial.

Bill Brunelle of Independent We Stand

Bill talks about how his company, a national movement of small business owners based in Virginia Beach, got its start and how much it has grown.  Later he discusses the benefits of buying local.

Zack's Hacks with Zack Miller of Hatch

Not sure if it’s the right time to hire a new employee due to financial issues? Check out this week’s hacks to figure out what to do.

Laura Contreras-Rowe of Siempre Tax +

Laura discusses her business, a “bilingual tax company”, and how the services they offer go far beyond taxes.  Siempre Tax + tries to empower people to become their own boss by offering opportunities to those in need.  While this company has locations all over the country, the headquarters is based locally in Virginia Beach.

Ross Cherry of Cherry Carpet and Flooring

Ross discusses how his business, a family run operation for the past seventy years, has dealt with the crossover between generations.  He also talks about how they delegate roles and communicate within the company.  Learn more about Ross’s company and how their marketing strategy has evolved over time.