Hampton Roads Business Weekly Episode 33 Show Notes

Carla Hesseltine of Just Cupcakes

Carla’s company began as just a stress-relieving hobby, but soon became a full-fledged business.  She cites timing, and a passion for baking, as some of the reasons she decided to open her own store.  Despite the trendiness of cupcakes dying off now, her business has managed to survive.

Hunter Davis of Duck Donuts

Hunter shares how his company knew the right time to expand, and what kind of factors play into that decision.  As a family-based product, they had to consider their location during their expansion.  Looking for an area with a lot of traffic is key, as well as advertising to the intended customer.

Brenda Tusing of The Royal Chocolate

Brenda, a co-owner of her choclate company, talks about how she and her partner got started in business.  Celebrating their ten year anniversary this year, they have obviously been successful but they did have some challenges initially.  With the recession hitting them only a few years after they opened, Brenda shares how they dealt with this challenge.

Tao Tang, Regent University MBA Student

Many people believe that they need an extensive business plan before they make a product to show to the public.  Tao suggests that businesses should do the opposite, and create a very simple prototype instead.  By simplifying the product, you are only using the resources you have, therefor not spending too much money.  It is also easier to receive feedback and customer critique which can help you improve your product.