Hampton Roads Business Weekly Episode 35 Show Notes

Hunter Davis of Duck Donuts

Hunter offers up some tips on owning a franchise.  Before making Duck Donuts a franchise, he focused on their business model and surveyed how their whole operation worked.  Check out some more strategies to managing a franchise in this segment.

Robert Bianchi of Norfolk Main Navy Exchange (Nexcom)

Robert, a retired admiral, discusses what Nexcom is and what it does for its customers.  By providing savings on retail goods to the military community, this company stays active in the local community.  From hiring employees from the area to offering opportunities to Hampton Roads businesses.

The Tan Plan with Cheryl Tan

This week Cheryl talks about how to create content, and why it’s important.

Entrepreneur of the Week: Harris Pezzella of Marathon Consulting

This week’s entrepreneur discusses how he and his partners benefitted from seizing an oppurtunity others overlooked, and how it led to the success of their company.  Harris emphasizes the value his company places on the processes they go through when hiring employees.  Not only do they have a strict system, but the whole company is involved in the recruitment process.  Learn more about Marathon’s Consulting company culture in this segment.

Kim Denerstein of the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society

Kim discusses some of best practices someone can do to make a non profit organization more successful.  She advises balancing out some of the “foundational elements” when you first start.  Kim also talks about how her own non profit organization deals with balancing these elements and some of the challenges they have faced.