Hampton Roads Business Weekly Episode 34 Show Notes

Denise Smith of Shipped With Love

Denise’s business began as a solution to a problem she saw in her own community.  Having a husband in the military, she frequently sends him care packages.  She realized how time consuming and hectic it was to actually make a care package, and then go through the post office to send it off.  She realized that other military families would also have this issue, and thus her business was born.  Denise also talks about how her business has evolved, especially with their website and how it was improved.

Tan Plan with Cheryl Tan

This week Cheryl discusses how a company can market itself better.

Michael Wagner of Pool Scouts

Michael shares how his company started, becoming part of Buzz Franchise Brands, a company that houses Mosquito Joe as well.  They realized that many people prefer businesses that operate from the home and saw an oppurtunity in pool services.  Learn more about how Michael’s company operates and how they created their brand.

Nick Washington of Miller Meats

Nick shares his incredible story about moving up within a company, and eventually becoming the owner.  Beginning in a low-wage position 26 years ago, he states that by simply working hard and seizing oppurtunity led him to the position he is in today.

Josiah Lindstrom, Regent University Law Student

Josiah shares his reasonings behind attending law school as way into the business world.  Stating that law school provides a skill that could be useful in business, he discusses how it has improved his ability to look at “processes”.