Hampton Roads Business Weekly Episode 36 Show Notes

Barden Winstead of Land & Coates

Barden didn’t always know that he would eventually own his father’s business.  Growing up, he and his brothers worked at Land & Coates until they left for college.  It wasn’t until Barden was working in commercial real estate that he decided he wanted to return to the family business.  When asked what pulled him back, he cites being his own boss as what attracted him most.

Randy Williams of Talley and Twine

Randy, the president of Talley and Twine, discusses the most unique thing about their watches.  He states that while other watch companies in their price range usually just mimic the luxury brand watches, his company has entirely unique designs.  Randy also discusses how he handles the manufacturing of the product, and how the business markets their watches.

Robert Bianchi of Norfolk Main Navy Exchange

Robert discusses some of the opportunities for local entrepreneurs at the Norfolk Main Navy Exchange.  He encourages any business owners to approach him with their ideas, as he always wants to have new products in the store to keep the shopping experience “fresh”. For certain periods of time, vendors are also invited to showcase their products to the public.

Karen Eagle, PHD of Regent University

Karen gives some suggestions on how brick and mortar businesses can expand online.  Having presence online will make your products or services accessible to more people, around the world.  It also helps that you already have a physical brick and mortar presence, as it legitimizes your to the online customer.  Check out some more suggestions from Karen in this episode.