Hampton Roads Business Weekly Episode 37 Show Notes

Memory Lights Team from Kempsville High School

Starting a business is difficult alone, but being a high school student adds even more pressure.  The Memory Lights team had to handle the challenges of being both business owners and students.  They discuss some of their initial challenges when starting their company, and how they handled these hurdles.

Jackie Gilmartin of College Park Executive Suites

Jackie shares how her company, which takes several businesses and puts them under one roof, came about.  Having been in business for about 14 years now, she was familiar with the concept beforehand.  She also talks about some of the challenges she faces with her business and how she pushes through.

Phil Ralph of Madison Jewelers (Mentor for the Memory Lights Team)

Phil Ralph was the mentor for the Memory Lights team of Kempsville High School, who went on to win the junior achievement award.  He was a volunteer mentor for the program and mentored two teams, including Memory Lights, both of which did very well.  He shares some the process the students went through when creating their business, and some of the challenges they went through.

The Tan Plan with Cheryl Tan

Cheryl shares some of her tips to writing a great press release.

Karen Eagle, PHD of Regent University

Karen shares some of her suggestions about opening a second location for your business.  Knowing the right time to expand your company is a difficult, so you need to do your homework.  Learn who your competitors will be, and if you will have enough customers.