Hampton Roads Business Weekly Episode 38 Show Notes

Mary Beth and John Lugo of KaZam Bikes

Mary Beth and John Lugo share how their balance bike company caught the eye of Shark Tank investor Mark Cuban.  They also discuss how their company copes with the plateau in the balance bike market.  By adding complementary products to their portfolio is one of the ways they have adapted their company.

The Tan Plan with Cheryl Tan

Cheryl Tan shares some tips on how to survive a TV interview.

Tracy Link of Integrity Security

Tracy Link talks about how her business of less than two years has grown exponentially, allowing her to move out of her garage and into an office.  Having someone to manage her finances, and project how much the company would spend in the future, was an aspect that really allowed her company to thrive and grow.

Tim Zewzig, John Ledgerwood, and Dana Achenbach of Custom Home Improvements and Repairs

Tim, John, and Dana share why they decided to begin their business during the middle of the recession, what brought the three of them together, and how their partnership works.

Karen Eagle of Regent University

Karen Eagle gives some tips on how to move an online business into the world of brick and mortar.