Hampton Roads Business Weekly Episode 39 Show Notes

Bill Spence, President of St. George Brewing Company

Bill’s company was established in 1998, and is the longest operating micro-brewery in Hampton Roads.  Beginning as just a hobby, Bill’s passion soon became a full functioning business.  Learn how he accomplished his goal in this segment.

Chris Busillo of Shiny Computers

Chris shares how his childhood hobby evolved into a business.  Starting out by taking apart computers and selling them on Craigslist or at flea markets, he soon realized that there was a potential business oppurtunity.  Chris shares how distinguished what made his customers happy, and how he adapted his company to meet their needs.

Tim Zewzig, John Ledgerwood, and Dana Achenbach of Custom Home Improvements and Repairs

Tim, John, and Dana share how TV advertising has helped their business, and why they would recommend other businesses to invest in it as well.

Karen Eagle of Regent University

Karen discusses you can track your business in order to know when it’s the right time to grow your company.