Hampton Roads Business Weekly Episode 5 Show Notes

Innovation 101 with Gary Oster

Rethinking office culture

1. Give employees freedom to accomplish goals of the organization

2. Let employees create their own schedule around what works for them

3. Disorganized team building events work better than organized ones

Quick 180

1. Retired port executive and young software engineers come together

2. Focused on not shipping empty containers

3. Bringing new technology and spirit to a stayed industry

4.Making an impact on congestion, emissions, and bottom lines


Entrepreneur of the Week

Matthew Wallace of Prince Ink Co.

Based in Phoebus area of Hampton

Refocused existing business on one thing they did really well

Screenprints on any flat stable surface

Grown to a global reach

Finds customers on internet forums

2015 STEM Robotics and Maker Challenge

Teams start with ideas

They develop plans and make the product

They pitch their products in a competition

Kids as young as 11 starting to think like an entrepreneur


Social Media Tips

Keeping a personal and professional profile:

Building a brand is for everyone

Important tool not just for posting but for listening too

Use Linkdin for professional networking

Start building social media presence today