Hampton Roads Business Weekly Episode 6 Show Notes

The American Dream

Danijel Velicki of The Opus Group

1. Danijel came to America with $100 from war-torn Croatia.

2. Danijel’s advice to entrepreneurs: be passionate about your cause and have a desire to help people.

3. Advice to entrepreneurs just starting off: take advantage of a mentorship.

4. What is a common struggle faced by entrepreneurs: funding your dream on the front end.

5. Danijel advises entrepreneurs not to do everything by yourself.

Entrepreneurial Terrors With Dr. Gregory Stone

Great Product Idea, But Is There A Market?

1. You can have the best idea in your own mind, but if no one buys it you have no business.

2. Two important elements in seeking if there is a market for your idea: see who your competition is and survey your friends’ interest about your idea.

3. Test the waters with your idea before jumping in head first.

4. On the front end-  broadcast your idea publicly and get feedback. Don’t worry, it’s very rare for someone to steal your idea.

5. Most ideas just need to be tweaked, rarely are ideas totally inept.

Entrepreneur of the Week

Shawn McDonald of Feedback Golf

1. Shawn got the idea for Feedback by seeing a need.

2. She got validation by speaking with others before spending resources on the product.

3. 3 Tips to start or grow a business: Make sure you really believe in it. Realize that the journey affects everyone around you – family, friends, etc. Make sure you surround yourself with supportive people.

4. How to make it through the rough times: don’t get discouraged with the “no’s” and stay even kill with the “yes’s”


Social Media Tips

Keeping track of your business mileage for tax purposes

1. MileIQ is a free mileage tracking app.

2. It’s very user friendly. Just an easy swipe for business or personal trips.

3. It’s much easier than keeping track of your trips manually.

4. You can easily print it off in a spreadsheet for your accountant.