Hampton Roads Business Weekly Episode 9 Show Notes

Hampton University Small Business Incubator Director JR Locke

Since JR became director, the incubator has increased its program offerings. People most often seek the incubator in search of funding, but they do not provide funding. They will however, direct people towards others that can provide that. What they do provide is guidance to people who may have no idea about running a business. As for educational resources, JR’s favorite is the Lunch and Learn workshops that offer expert speakers in various topics like business plan formation. When helping veteran entrepreneurs, JR likes to first ask them why they want to start a business to see if they are ready for the commitment. The best advice JR gives to those wanting to start a business is to assess yourself and see if you have the character traits that make up successful people.

Entrepreneurial Terrors with Dr. Stone

“It is important that you realize the business is important, but your time away from it is as therapeutic as your time in it” – Dr. Stone

Dr. Stone speaks about the relationship with your business and your family. He emphasizes that you shouldn’t burden your family and you should be open with your family about how committed you need to be with the business.

Discussions with your family about your business shouldn’t replace other elements of your relationship, it should simply supplement other topics.

Entrepreneur of the Week: Duane Thompson of Sabrosa Foods

Mr. Thompson started Sabrosa salsas in his dorm room and it has since taken off to become a sizable company. He initially validated his product (salsas) at farmer’s markets. More recently, Duane has identified a market in government food services.

Naoma Doriguzzi Social Media Tips

Zoho, a free app, helps you with your productivity and sales. You can manage your customer correspondence via Zoho.