How To Finally Stand Out From The Crowd

If you want to be noticed, you have to set yourself apart and be memorable. You can’t do what everyone else in your industry is doing and expect different results. You have to be the anomaly. Anomalies are memorable. You don’t forget an anomaly because they’re different and they stick in your head. There are millions of people fighting for attention online. Digital marketers, small business owners, internet personalities, and more. If you want to stand out from the crowd either online or in person, you have to differentiate yourself.

Who is Anomaly written for?


Anomaly was written for anyone who is trying to get in front of large numbers of people. Whether online or in person. For a personal brand, your own business, or the company you work for. If your goal is to start getting noticed or getting people’s attention, then Anomaly can show you how to do exactly that. People like:

  • Social media marketers
  • Small business owners
  • Internet personalities
  • PR people
  • Students
  • People on the job hunt
  • Non-marketers that want a better grasp on the subject
  • Brick and Mortar shop owners that want to drive traffic
  • Anyone else who needs to get eyes on them or be more noticeable

So if you’re tired of spinning your wheels and running in place, it’s time to take action and get results. Anomaly will dig deep into what you might be doing wrong, and what you can start doing TODAY to start seeing the results you want.

Why do you need to read Anomaly?


Millions of people are fighting for attention every day. People that are doing anything in their power to get in front of as many people as they possibly can. Whether that be online or in person. It’s becoming virtually impossible to stand out among the crowd.

How big of a crowd, you ask?

  • 6.5 Million businesses will be started this year
  • 3.25 Billion hours of YouTube videos are watched each month
  • A new user joins a social media platform every 15 seconds
  • 65 Million businesses have Facebook pages
  • 500 Million tweets are sent each day

If you want to be seen, stop doing what everyone else is doing. You have to be different, memorable, and everywhere all the time. If you find yourself running in place and working your butt off but getting no results, you need to read Anomaly.

If you’re trying to:

  • Get exposure
  • Find leads
  • Make sales
  • Bring in customers
  • Foster engagement
  • Gain attention

Then Anomaly is for you. 

What I do is tell you what you can start doing TODAY to grow your brand. Things you can implement immediately and start seeing results. Things you might not have thought about, or haven’t thought you’re able to. As with any book, you can’t just read it and expect to make progress. You have to put in the work. But I promise that if you follow my steps, and implement these techniques, you will see results.

What’s inside?

The supplemental course

Along with the book, my team and I are producing an online course to supplement the material. A book can be great by itself, but if you really want to master the material and see immediate results, then the course can take you there. I’ve put on hundreds of webinars over the years and have gotten tons of feedback regarding my presentation style.

Some of us learn better visually. And my team designed this course with those people in mind. I’ll walk you through each phase of the book and tell you EXACTLY how you can start implementing each strategy and start standing out in business.

Anomaly walks you through the steps to get whatever you want to be seen to be seen. You need more customers. If you aren’t getting more exposure you won’t be getting more customers. Anomaly will give you strategies to leverage the work you’ve already done to attract way more exposure for your business. We cover all of the avenues you should be using that will teach you to build a bigger audience and convert more customers.


After the Kickstarter campaign, this course will retail for $1,000. So, if you want access, now is the time!

Whether you’re starting a business from scratch, or are growing an established business, the methods and techniques covered in Anomaly will help you get to the next stage. It’s time for you to finally stand out from the crowd!

About the Author: 

Battle-tested business veteran.
Has helped hundreds of small businesses.
Built 7 figure companies.
Ran an award winning incubator

Zack and his team do a fantastic job of providing resources for young and growing companies that help them compete and find their way in a changing business environment. This webinar is particularly insightful for those young companies who need help understanding all aspects of raising capital for a business.

Chris Hill

Chef and Entrepreneur,

There is a wealth of knowledge here, the information they share and pass along is helpful in any business. I highly recommend being a part of this.

Kenya Williams

CEO, I Shine For You Auto Detailing

I just completed a webinar that was led by Mr. Miller, and feel that I was given a lot of helpful information and feedback that will help me in my role within my organization.
Mr. Miller was an excellent communicator and was outstanding with feedback/advice. I will definitely stay in tune with any content produced by Mr. Miller and Hatch.

Jeremy Sirio

Communications Instructor , Texas A&M University

Outstanding presentation! Very useful information. Zack was very clear and concise with answering our questions. If you are starting your business they have tools to add to your toolbox.

Michael Green

Owner , Greenboy Photography

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