The Business Obstacle Course

Who was LEAP made for?


LEAP was designed by entrepreneurs and reflects the real life obstacles faced when trying to start a business. The event covers everything from nailing down your idea, to selling it and making money, and everything in between. It was built to be useful for anybody at any stage of the business lifecycle. Whether they are just flirting with the idea of a business, or already have some groundwork down and are trying to grow, LEAP will challenge participants to think outside the box and solve real business problems.

All too often, business events end up being 1 person talking in front of a crowd with minimal engagement. LEAP is the exact opposite. Every participant is involved with every obstacle. Every participant learns a new skill and learns how to adapt that skill to their existing business.

Don’t settle for another boring business event. LEAP into action!

How LEAP works:


This interdisciplinary event is formulated specifically to give your companies the all-around business boost they need to take their team to the next level. LEAP incorporates obstacles from 10 different aspects of business, from the first pitch, to continual growth in sales. LEAP is designed as an education first event where participants first learn about each skill. Then, each obstacle has a small challenge associated with it, and third participants are asked to apply each new skill directly to their business. Below is a break down of each step.

L- Learning:

The first step in each of our 4-step obstacles is learning. We’ll have workshops lead by experienced entrepreneurs and industry experts to teach participants the most important growth skills.

E- Execution:

The second step in each of our 4-step obstacles. After participants learn the new concept (that’s step 1), they’ll execute that new skill. We’ll give them a challenge to put that skill to use immediately so participants can see how it works in real world.  Knowledge is worthless if you can’t use it. That’s why we’re putting their knowledge to use as soon as they learn it. No textbook is going to do that.

A- Adaptation:

After participants learn the new concept (that’s step 1), and execute that new skill (step 2), it’s time to adapt. We’ll get participants to put that skill into the context of its direct use in the participants’ business. The value of continual learning is where the rubber hits the road – getting that new knowledge into the business so it can actually be used. This interdisciplinary event is formulated specifically to give participants the all-around business boost they need to take their team to the next level.

P- Put It To Work:

The fourth step in each of our 4-step obstacles. After they learn the new concept (that’s step 1), execute that new skill (step 2), and adapt it to their business (step 3), the last step is to actually implement the new skill. You’ll be leaving LEAP with implementation plans for each of the obstacles. Participants will have covered a wide spectrum of know-how for building their business. Step 4 is putting it to work in the real world. Get out there and do it!

Learn how to:


  • Pitch any business

  • Start conversations at networking events

  • Find customers

  • Think outside the box

  • Innovate

  • Create engaging content

  • Stand out from the crowd

  • Attract a following

  • Make the sale

  • & more!

Obstacle Topics Will Be




Content Creation






Social Media


The Playbook


Customer Discovery


Why did we create LEAP?


Back in the early 2010’s we started several meetups with different groups of people so that they could learn from each other and hopefully facilitate some growth in their perspective areas. One for entrepreneurs, one for designers, one for developers, etc. Then we thought, “What if we got all of these people into the same room, and held a business competition.” And then, Start Norfolk was born.

Start Norfolk was an event where people would pitch ideas they had for a business. Then a panel of judges would decide which ideas were best. From there. the winning ideas would build teams of designers, developers, marketers, etc. to bring that idea to life over the span of a few days.

We had hoped that the first event would bring in 50 people. To his surprise, 180 people showed up, and 40 different ideas were pitched. We organized 5 of these events over the course of the next few years. The event had thousands of people show up, and hundreds of businesses were pitched, some of which are still alive and thriving today.

The problem with Start Norfolk is that all of the energy and excitement was focused on just the few days the event was being held. Come the next Monday, Zack didn’t have a way to help the businesses that were born over the weekend.

So, we decided we needed to build an event that would give people the skills and tools needed to actually go out and start or grow a business. Start Norfolk attendees lacked the hands-on business education and outside-the-box problem solving. LEAP is designed to teach a new skill, practice that skill, and then adapt that skill into any business.

LEAP is the only business event you’ll ever need to attend. It’s education, but more than just a lecture. Learn hands-on business skills and walk away with proven actionable results.

Want to bring LEAP to your community?