31+ Ways to Grow Your Business

You need more customers. If you aren’t getting more exposure you won’t be getting more customers.This webinar will give you strategies to leverage the work you’ve already done to attract way more exposure for your business. We cover press, testimonials, social reviews, website pop-ups, podcasts, blog posts and tv interviews that help build a bigger audience and convert more customers. 

Units & Lessons


Module 1: Press


Module 2: Existing Work

Module 3: Testimonials

Module 4: Social Reviews

Module 5: Podcasts


Module 6: Blog Posts


Module 7: Interviews

Module 8: Opt-ins

About Your Host: 

Battle-tested business veteran.
Has helped hundreds of small businesses.
Built 7 figure companies.
Ran an award winning incubator


Zack and his team do a fantastic job of providing resources for young and growing companies that help them compete and find their way in a changing business environment. This webinar is particularly insightful for those young companies who need help understanding all aspects of raising capital for a business.

Chris Hill

Chef and Entrepreneur,

There is a wealth of knowledge here, the information they share and pass along is helpful in any business. I highly recommend being a part of this.

Kenya Williams

CEO, I Shine For You Auto Detailing

I just completed a webinar that was led by Mr. Miller, and feel that I was given a lot of helpful information and feedback that will help me in my role within my organization.
Mr. Miller was an excellent communicator and was outstanding with feedback/advice. I will definitely stay in tune with any content produced by Mr. Miller and Hatch.

Jeremy Sirio

Communications Instructor , Texas A&M University

Outstanding presentation! Very useful information. Zack was very clear and concise with answering our questions. If you are starting your business they have tools to add to your toolbox.

Michael Green

Owner , Greenboy Photography

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