The Path to a Six-Figure Venture

Starting a new business has never been easier with tools and resources all around. By using this course as a key, you will have the path to launch your company.

What do you get?

Units & Lessons

Module 1: Introduction + Overview

  • Welcome

Module 2: What Kind Of Business Should I Start?

  • Business or Consumer?
  • Customer Discovery
  • Targeting Customers

Module 3: The Meat & Bones Of Your Business

  • Educating
  • Content Creation
  • Marketing

Module 4: How Do I Pay For My Business?

  • Intro To Sales
  • Revenue Model
  • Sales Funnel

Module 5: Putting It All Together

  • MVP
  • The Playbook

Downloadable Bonus Material

  • The All Inclusive Resource Guide!
  • Customer Discovery Scripts
  • Customer Discovery Templates
  • Targeting Customer Spreadsheet