Money, yea! It’s that one thing that you don’t have to start you new startup. Have you looked around and been creative in ways to fund it? Or just complained about how the bank won’t give you the money you deserve. With some down right hustle, you can make $100/day. Then take the money earned on these side gigs to fund your business. You likely don’t need as much money as you think either. Focus on spending the least amount of money and resources possible to get your idea off the ground. Then fund through customers instead of raising money from an investor who will receive a piece of the pie. 


8 simple ways to fund your startup in 30 days

One of the biggest hurdles founders find is raising money. They claim they don’t have access to capital, but instead of putting in the work to fund themselves, they waste their time going from bank to bank, to tweaking a business plan that will be irrelevant 140 characters in. Don’t let your pride get to you and try these few strategies to bring in cash immediately to fund your startup.

Walk Your Neighbors Dog

Time is valuable to the working professional and during their work days getting home can be a challenge. Make it easy for them, walk their dog for them. Charge them per walk or bundle for a week.


This is simple, you own a car and deliver food to people. You get paid to drive. Tip: Practice your business pitch while driving around.

Use this code for $10 free delivery credit on your first order, code: ckl4r

Lawn Maintenance

Do you own a lawnmower or can you afford one of these? Walk around your neighborhood or one close to home and see who needs their lawn mowed. I started my first company at the age of 10 doing just this. Now a days you can charge far more than the $15/lawn I used to.


Tip: Hit up town homes so you can finish more yards quickly.

Wait Tables

Now one of the first things I said was to eat a big piece of humble pie. Waiting tables is something most never want to do, but the money is solid. During my summers home from West Virginia University I would wait tables and for one summer I bartended. I averaged $150/night. What I find great about waiting on people is that it gives you an opportunity to analyze a situation, practice how to speak to people and cater to one’s needs. All things that you will be doing to get your startup off the ground and then grow. 

If you don’t know where to find a place to wait tables, start with asking your friends who may work in the industry if they have any openings or head to your favorite restaurant and fill out an application. 

None of these side gigs are expected to be long term, rather a way to quickly fuel funds for your startup. 

Valet Cars

Hotels, fine dining establishments and many other destination places are looking for people to park their customers cars. It’s a way for them to add to the ambiance and for many companies it’s a value add. While I have never valeted cars myself, I do have many friends who have and make anywhere from $200-300/night. If possible, pick the busy nights to maximize your bang! 

Think about who gets cars valeted? Typically wealthier people. Be sure to smile, make an impact and help them. You never know when you will get a chance to give them a quick elevator pitch of your business. 


These next two money making opportunities are ones that people hate to do, so they pay people to do it for them.

Paint Bedrooms, Living Rooms and Every Room

People are constantly changing the look of their homes or offices. They may have just had a child and want to paint their rooms. But, they don’t have the time or want to do so. What do you do? Paint it for them. Take the hassle out of painting. Look on Craiglist for painting opportunities, post on facebook that you are looking to paint some rooms or send a message to those who just bought a new home and see if you can slap some paint down for them. 


Lifting heavy things and moving them up and down flights of stairs sucks! Good news is everyone knows this so they want to pay for someone else to do so. Be that someone else. 

Rent the Uhaul for them and equipment needed to help them move and get them in and out. Of course you can charge your customers a fee for convenience. 

Sell Your Old Crap On Craiglist 

Do you own a room of crap that you do nothing with? Have you ever tried selling it? Try Craigslist. I’d be willing to be that you have some clothes, an old television or even computer equipment that you no longer use. Post those goods on Craigslist or OfferUp and use the funds for your business. 

The next time you are sitting on your couch and getting your #NetflixandChill on, think about how you could use these 7 simple side hustles to get that idea of yours off the ground. Money does matter, but how you make it is the creative and fun way. 

At the end of every day you should go to bed knowing that your have put every morsel of energy into growing your business, even if that means making money in odd places to do so. If you want an opportunity, raise your hand. 

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