When Hatch Founder, Zack Miller, started implementing his ideas on community focused, grassroots economic development in Norfolk, VA, he didn’t know his efforts would propel the city into national discussions as an entrepreneurial hotbed.

Through years of working in the community to build support for entrepreneurs, startups and small businesses, Hatch has figured out what works and what doesn’t. Our 1000 Four Communities partner program is a comprehensive mix of turnkey solutions and custom consulting services to engage and develop local business.

‘The Hatch team has catalyzed and fostered a thriving business ecosystem
while helping thousands of businesses. Now we’re sharing our tools,
best practices and lessons learned.’
-Zack Miller

1000 Four Method: for entrepreneurs by entrepreneurs

Local and regional economies need the vibrancy, resilience, and innovation that comes from homegrown small business to stay competitive. Since 90% of firms in the US never get bigger than 20 employees, it’s not just a ‘nice to have’ that your community start to focus on small business in your own backyard. And if you want new, homegrown 20 employee companies, you need to be doing the right things in your community.


1. Encourage more people to start all kinds of businesses

Compund Growth


2. Help more businesses survive & grow to 2, 3 and 4 employees

Success Breeds Success


3. Help more business identify opportunities for additional growth

Double Business Size


Turnkey solutions for local economic development


1000 Four Communities


  • 1000 Four: give your entire community access to our totally unique, on-demand small business/entrepreneur training platform. Available 24/7/365 to help people solve problems in their business.
1000 Four Video Library On-Demand Small Business Resource

1000 Four On-Demand Business Resource



startup night

Economic Development assets



leap business obstacle course

Affordable programs that work



  • One-on-one sessions and other custom consulting options to help you build your local business ecosystem and community.

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Be a part of our grassroots movement of organizations who’ve partnered with Hatch in order to build their small business and entrepreneurial ecosystems: economic development agencies, community & business organizations, regional partnerships, incubators/accelerators, co-working spaces, universities & colleges

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About Hatch:​ Hatch is an award-winning organization that is dedicated to making entrepreneurship a viable option for everyone. Hatch has helped thousands of entrepreneurs start and grow businesses. In addition to providing entrepreneurs with the tools and resources they need individually, Hatch helps cities champion entrepreneurship within their community and prepare for their future economic needs with investments in human capital. Hatch is located in Norfolk, Virginia.

George Arbogust, Director, Hatch/1000 Four Communities

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