Getting the most out of each and everyday is important and if you are an entrepreneur or small company,  it’s your lifeblood. Not only do you need to work hard but you need to work smart and be productive. I’m super A D D (not an excuse) and find myself moving from topic to topic and conversation to conversation constantly. It doesn’t help that I’m a super extrovert and love being around people. As an entrepreneur though, I have to be productive and smart about what I spend my time on to put food on the table.  It doesn’t help that I love hanging out with people, which is why I come to work early, so I can get 3-4 hours of solid work in before people show up to Hatch.

Below are 6 productive ways to get through your day. Some I use and some are used by others but they sware by them.

1. Turn off notifications: Yikes, this one could be difficult. Wait, I can’t text all day, yea! Every time your phone vibrates it’s a distraction. Turn off your notification and set a time on your calendar to check, just like email. You don’t check your phone at in person meetings do you?

2. Check email twice a day: This one should be easy and allows you to have time at home with your family. Honestly, I fumble on this one a lot, but when I’m not checking email, I’m way more productive. Set a time on your calendar, twice a day to check. And try Inbox 0.

3. Work from a quiet space for 4 hours: I show up to the office a few hours before anyone gets here, I keep the lights off and just work. This allows me to get work done (like writing this post). When Hatch is in session, this is extremely vital, since I am having meetings with the startups throughout the day and I find it difficult to get a lot of work done during that time.

4. Coffitivity: Based out of Richmond, VA, Coffitivity is a new (2 month old) venture that plays the sounds of a coffee shop lower than the music you play. I love this and use it throughout the day. The one thing that does throw me off my concentration is when the plate falls (or maybe its the silverware hitting the plate). They’ve been getting a lot of traffic too, recently featured in Inc.

5. Pomodoro: I learned this one from Andrew Culver, I don’t use it, (I use a variation where I set a clock for 15 minutes to get through easy todo’s) but I know many who do.  25 minutes on 5 minutes off, all day.

6. Text Tools: Are you looking to write everyday but struggle? Me Too! I found 750 Words, which tracks the amount of time and words you write a day. You get points and compete against the world.

Tip: Try something new today.

What productivity hack do you use to get the most out of your day?

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