I’ve spent a lot of time studying the visibility of startup communities and have come to this conclusion. If you are trying to be seen, you need to be on the ground floor in a heavy traffic area.

If you are in a well known tech city, your location isn’t as important. However, if you are trying to establish your city, ground level in a high density area is key.

Paul Singh says funded startups should be on the top floor, so they have zero distractions.

Look at the Capital Factory in Austin (a hub for entrepreneurs for a while now), top floor.

However, accelerators like Hatch in Norfolk, VA and Lighthouse Labs in Richmond, VA are in the heart of their startup communities. On the ground floor.

Why does it matter?

1. Startups are looking for users, mentors, money, etc.
2. You want your community to grow, so, the more eyeballs you can have on an office the better.
3. Serendipity happens more when there is more entrepreneurial density and connectivity.

Where is your startup located?

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