Facebook is a great social media outlet for any business to promote, market, and share their products and services.  Not only is it free, it also creates the perfect environment to connect with potential customers or partners around the world.

However simply creating a Facebook account is not enough to become successful.  In order to garner attention, you need to pay attention to the content you are creating on this platform.

Where Do I Start?

For newer businesses, it may be hard to figure which type of content will garner the most engagements.  Unfortunately, there’s no go-to formula that will make your page more popular.  It takes time to understand what your friends or followers enjoy.

Check out other businesses pages too.  From big corporate companies, to local ones as well.  Get a feel for what works for them and try to mimic some of their posts.

Check out this article by HubSpot for great examples of a successful business Facebook page:

Screen Shot 2016-07-07 at 1.00.56 PM

Starting out, you can also try to post a variety of content and pay attention to how other users respond.  Take note of which type of content is getting the most engagements and be sure to produce more of the same.  You can even create a poll asking other users what they would enjoy to see on your page.

Remember that the key to any social media account is consistency.  Be prepared to put out content almost daily on your page, as this will keep your friends/followers interested and attract other users.

What Type of Content Should Your Page Have?

Depending on your field of business, your Facebook page can have a variety of different content.  Pictures, videos, external content, anything that relates to your business or personal life is fair game.  Don’t try to make your page too formal either, it’s social media so it should have a relaxed feel.

Share Your Business

Sharing your company’s story, products, and services should make up your initial posts.  It will give other users an idea of what your page is about, and what they can expect in your future.

Behind-the-scenes pictures or videos is great for any type of business.  This is your chance to give your followers a sneak peek into how your company functions.  From developing your products, to showcasing employees, there is a variety of behind-the-scenes posts that you can create.

If your company has clients or partners, writing posts that highlights their accomplishments, as well as your own, is important.  Supporting your friends is a no-brainer, because not only are you giving them free advertising, but you will most likely receive praise from them in the future thus garnering more publicity.

Here, Hatch posted a photo of their “Championship of the Week” to showcase Aurora’s accomplishments:

Screen Shot 2016-07-07 at 12.56.18 PM

Having constant updates about what your company is working on, whether it’s a product, service, or event, is a great way for you customers to keep up with you.  Giving them a taste of what your business is working on will peak their interest and creates buzz.

Not only did they share one of their new designs, but they also set it as their cover photo.  This ensures that whenever a customer visits their page, that design will be the first thing they see.

But don’t forget about your existing products or services either.  Posting about the popularity of a product or how a service has helped a client should always be reiterated.  People new to your page that may not know about your business need to see how your past products/services have been received.

External Content

Your company’s Facebook page doesn’t all have to be about business.  Posting external content like interesting articles or inspirational quotes will be beneficial to your page as well.

Many people nowadays consume their daily news from articles posted on Facebook.  If you page starts adding to that, it could direct attention to your page.  Although your page shouldn’t become all about the news, it helps garner some attention, especially from trending topics on the internet.

Inspirational quotes are great way to showcase what inspires you and your business.  Share some of the tips and tricks you use in your own business with your friends or followers.  Posts like these could start a discussion, which will allow you to engage with other users.  Any content that will spark a discussion or receive feedback is worth posting.

Here’s an example of a meme the Hatch page did that incorporated business and humor:

Screen Shot 2016-07-07 at 1.03.01 PM

Visualize It

Facebook uses both text and media in their posts, which allows users to have a variety of content on their page.  Using an attractive video or picture is usually more captivating than just plain old text.  So when creating a post, think about a image that will catch someone’s eye.  For videos, be conscious of how the video’s cover image will appear and if it will intrigue customers.

Even though you may be using images to attract users, don’t forget the text.  It’s their to explain or summarize what people are seeing.  If you have a picture of your company’s product, explain what it is, maybe the price, and why it can be useful.


Maintaining a successful Facebook page takes consistency and communication. Take your time and engage with your friends and followers!

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